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  1. Why the executable files I created only worked for 5 days?

    There are two possible reasons: 1) You create the flash executable file with an unregistered version of Flash2X EXE Packager; 2) You set flash executable file as shareware with 5 days trial period when you create them.

    For the first reason, please purchase your registration code and register the program. You can find out if you have successfully registered the program on main menu Help -> About option.

  2. Do I have to rebuild the executable files after registering the program?

    Yes, the flash executable files you create with an unregistered version are demos. You must rebuild them to remove the time limitation on demos.

  3. Why I can not save the flash and flash videos from an executable file to my computer?

    When a flash executable file is being created, the creator is able to set the file to forbid releasing the flash raw files (SWF and FLV) from the executable file.












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