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Flash2X EXE Packager screenshot Flash2X EXE Packager is a program to covert flash to EXE files. It supports both flash (SWF) and flash video (FLV) formats. You can customize your flash executable files to playback your flash and flash videos in the best way, and protect them from being used.

Flash2X EXE Packager allows you to create executable files with a trail period and unlock code, so you can sell your files as shareware software. It is a great piece of software to help you sell your flash games without further programming work. To learn more about how to create shareware executable files with flash and flash videos, and sell them online, please click here.

  • Covert a batch of flash (SWF) and flash videos (FLV) into one single EXE file;
  • Support creating executable files in shareware mode;
  • Customize built-in flash player interface;
  • Protect your flash and flash videos from being saved to local drivers;
  • Save and restore executable file settings with projects.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Why the executable files I created only worked for 5 days?
  2. Do I have to rebuild the executable files after registering the program?
  3. Why I can not save the flash and flash videos from an executable file to my computer?

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